WTE’s International Car Shipping Rates

The cost of shipping a vehicle worldwide will be largely based on the country the automobile is being shipped to. Factors such as the below – all affect the cost of your international car shipping:

▪ Destination
▪ Location of the vehicle
▪ Delivery time-frame
▪ Local customs and duties
▪ Type of service you prefer.

There are many different methods of international auto shipping services to select from. The one you decide upon will depend on your delivery time frame and your budget. The distance of transport will also affect costs of international car shipping.
The most popular option in international car shipping is RO-RO, which is also called Roll-On/Roll-Off service and basically means that your vehicle will be “rolled on” the ocean vessel at the port of origin and “rolled off” at the port of arrival.

This service is quite limited to only a select number of ports in USA, UK, EUROPE and Overseas – so please, contact us for more information. Container service has the biggest worldwide coverage so it can be delivered to pretty much any place in the world. The added benefit of the container service is that you can place extra items in the same container with your car.

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