As a reliable shipping company, we can offer insurance for all of our shipments either by Ocean, land or Air. All of our ocean shipments are subject to a specific law passed by the U.S. Congress known as the Carriage of Goods by Sea Act (CGSA) and the General Average (GA) Principle. These regulations limit the liability of shipping companies to $500.00 per box.
Considering the many limitations and the fact that goods in transit are not automatically covered by insurance, World Trust Express proudly offers a full cargo insurance from an A + rated licensed insurance company. This type of insurance covers goods in transit for and against loss or damages of any kind. It should be noted that you may choose three available coverage, based on your particular needs, each with a different coverage range. World Trust Express  offers All Risk, FPA, and warehouse coverages underwritten by first rated marine insurers.

Our’s is a quality insurance coverage for your shipment or move. We want you to have peace of mind in knowing that your shipment is protected by a top rated Insurer with the premier monetary ratings and claims payment history. We are proud to offer you Primary Cargo Insurance with coverage based on the real value of your goods from the leading A rated insurers, who specialize in freight, cargo, shipping & moving insurance.
We will make you to save your precious time and money on your cargo insurance with the low rates provided by us. We give instant quotes and immediate online coverage through our electronic insurance certificate generation system. You can compare our cargo insurance services and save a lot.

“Contingent cargo insurance” are offered by most of our competitors which is coverage that is dependent upon the carriers accountability and their terms and conditions. It is considered as secondary insurance covering you if your claim is denied by the carrier. If the carrier accepts your claim, then you will receive their limited cargo liability coverage paying based on the weight of your shipment.

We have primary coverage replacement cost coverage for the full-declared value of the items and is in surplus to the liability of the carrier which means our insurance coverage will come first. You should not leave it up to the carrier to decide your coverage. You want full fortification of your shipment with primary cargo insurance. We have the uppermost promising industry ratings for financial potency claiming payment handling.
Please contact us for any specific question regarding our insurance policy.

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