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Shipping your Recreational Vehicle out of the United States can get complicated without the proper knowledge. There are many factors to take into consideration when it comes to international RV shipping. We at WTE LLC provide reliable overseas RV relocation.

▪ Our Company ship your motorhome or travel trailer overseas to Australia, UK, Germany, Belgium, Italy or any destination in Europe, Asia and Africa.
▪ We also have years of experience of transporting recreational vehicles to Australia and New New Zealand.
▪ In the recent years our company has also established itself as a leader in shipping RVs from USA to the countries in the Middle East: Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, U.A.E., Qatar, Bahrain and Oman.

Prior to your RV shipping international, you will have to provide all original vehicle documents and sign the export instructions. Our international RV Shipping company can manage your export documents or your inbound customs clearance process through the worldwide network of port agents.

Method of RV shipping is mostly dependent on the size of your RV or trailer, vessel availability, closest port of departure and transit time. Your RV can be shipped via container or Roll-on Roll-off service.
▪ Container method is only suitable for small units that can physically fit inside the standard ocean container.
▪ For bigger units the flat-rack container must be used but with this method the vehicle is not protected from the wind and sea water.
▪ Roll-on Roll-off method is preferred by most customers. The RV is simply driven or towed inside the belly of the ship where it’s secured for the transport. This reduces the unnecessary handling of your unit and protects it from the weather and elements.

When sending your RV overseas, our company can arrange transport to the warehouse or port in USA where your unit will sail from. For motorized RVs in working condition the most affordable option will likely be to drive them to the dock, or hire a drive-away service to do so. Any towable trailer that can be easily attached to a truck will also be quite simple and inexpensive to transport.

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